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it’s true! i AM culture curious!

Don’t you love how all those internet quizzes will invariably tell you about how fantastic you are?  Whether it’s which Disney princess you are or how gay you are, the resulting personality assessment is some variation on “You are a prize peacock.  Please come sit over here by me and let me bask in your fancy.”

So no matter what they say, really, you end up feeling like that quiz was totally true and uncanny in just how well it understood you.  Because flattery will get you everywhere.  And if you flatter me, I’m going to tell you just how sensitive and insightful you are.

In my opinion, this visual DNA quiz from The New York times totally captured my quirky essence.  In fact, this is telling me that I’m even more awesome than I thought I was.  What does it say about you?

I am Culture Curious!

“You embrace all forms of culture and love new ideas that push boundaries and explore new avenues of thinking. You like to dress so that your personality shines through and enjoy sharing your unusual perspectives on life. You are thoughtful and original in your outlook. You like to be made to think and often seek out ways to expand your horizons.

You’re sophisticated and inquisitive with a real passion for art and culture. You pride yourself on being an early adopter of the latest music and films and always like to have a good book on the go. Your ability to bring together very diverse and even dissenting opinions is rooted in your appreciation for all points of view. You believe in immersing yourself in interesting experiences that make you look at people, places and opportunities from new angles. Being sensitive and creative you want to feel connected to the world around you and actively seek out opportunities to explore it. It’s all about broadening your horizons and living life to the full. Anything else would not fulfill your curious nature. You’ll love the list of The Best 1,000 Movies Ever Made, the Critics’ Picks and Arts Beat.”


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baby hedgehog

I have a Pinterest profile.  Yeah, I know.  Old news, right?

Anyway, sometimes people repin stuff that I’ve pinned there.  And it feels kind of like what it used to feel like when your tweets got favorited and you’re all “gold star for being cool!”

In other words, it’s kind of awesome when someone else takes note of something you’ve found, some gem off the interwebs, and decrees it worthy of a repin.

Except that my most repinned pin is not one of the lovely dresses I’ve posted in my scourings.  It’s not the neat robot shaped crayons.  Or the Liberty fabric rain boots.  Or the amazing vacation cottage built like a treehouse.

It’s a baby hedgehog.


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I’ve had this plaguing sentiment that my blog didn’t look very nice, but wasn’t really sure how to fix it.  I knew that the prefab Ocadia theme on WordPress was part of the problem.

I really didn’t like the look of the page on top of a background.  Or the round edged colored boxes.

I knew I wanted something cleaner and better, but the gargantuan number of theme options available on WordPress, while commendable, is kind of challenging.

But then I saw a blog on the Freshly Pressed page that I liked, discovered that you can find out what theme they’re using, and then I swiped it.  Immediately, things were looking much better.

Although, this new theme comes automatically with a header with an image of some book spines.

Books are definitely nice.  I read books.  Sometimes I write about books.  But it’s not really the right header for me.

My books aren’t leather bound.  They are much more likely to have gamboling bunnies or wizards on the spines.

Thankfully, there were options to replace that image with one of your own.  I thought that I’d really like to have a collage sort of image there, so first I tried to find myself a collage making tool.

But I didn’t like that at all.

So I pulled up my boot straps and I opened PhotoShop.  After several attempts and a lot of googling for instructions on how-to, I finally got something that I liked.

And now I think that the whole thing is just much prettier.  I like looking at me at lot more now.

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I can not stop cracking up over these photos from a haunted house in Canada.  There’s an entire Flickr feed, which hopefully will continue to be updated for all time because I will never get tired of these.

scared conga line bros

i REALLY wish i knew what was in that corner

a lot of scared in one place

woah my god!

booby grabber

this one is my favorite

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