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Happy Birthday, My Sweet Boy

Today is David’s birthday. He is far, far away in Ye Olde England, so I couldn’t do anything special for him, but he was much on my mind.

You are an excellent human and it’s been a pleasure to give thanks for that today.

I hope the last year of your 20’s is a wonderful one, that leaves you fully satisfied with a decade well done. Or at least prepared to enter the next one. I, for one, will feel quite glad when you start being 30 so I won’t be in that 30 business by myself. Except that when that happens, I will be 32, and that’s gross.

But I love you today and very much look forward to this year of prime numbers.

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Baby Love

Welcome to the world Brandon and Alexa! I hope you live on Planets with mostly goodness and very little suck. It makes my heart so happy to know you.

And Aaron, you will always be my favorite. You are the first baby in my life, and now you’ve gone and gotten yourself twin siblings, just like me. I hope you love them very much and that you will always recognize your own specialness.

The new babies were born on Tuesday, July 22.

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Cello Fever

Bek’s show at the Hotel Utah was last night. I’ve been so busy lately, that I haven’t had much time to bang out the details on as many songs as she had wanted, but had 3 all worked out and ready to go. Or kind of. We had some notes written down, but there still wasn’t actual music and I mostly just had to remember what to do and how the songs worked out.

Sound check started at 7, which was fairly chaotic. There was a big tub of bottles of beer offstage for the bands, which was pretty cool. Heh. The band beer.

Bek started around 9:30 and she was just great. Very natural on stage and the music was fantastic. It was super fun that I knew most of the songs. About half way through, I joined her for those three songs. I pretty much couldn’t hear myself or her or anything else and it seems like it was over in about 5 seconds, but it was so fun and great. I wanted to do it again as soon as it was over. But, el bummer. Away Bek goes.

There was a pretty good turnout of people there. A lot of folks from Blurb, so it was just a fun night. After all his talk abut how much he loved that I play the cello and how great he thought it was that I was playing with Bek, there was no manfriend. And no other friends outside of Blurb, but I guess that’s ok. I’m just really glad that I did it, and I wasn’t as nervous as I remember being about other performances in the past. And my role was there to support Bek, so it would be silly to turn around and need support myself.

And thus concludes my brief career as rockstar. Or perhaps more appropriately, folk sidekick.


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