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Easy come, easy go

I got a text from Peter last night saying “am probably leaving tomorrow a.m.” I knew he was going. I knew he was all packed up. I knew he tried to give me his Ikea bookshelves. But when I got a second text this morning “Peter is riding off into the east! Sayonara CA” I was still surprised. He never got a local phone number. Never even changed his New Jersey license plates, but I am still in disbelief. He came here, we were close for about a second, and then he left.

So, bye P-tron. I’m sorry that we didn’t work out like I thought we might. But true to form, I didn’t know you when I thought I knew you and got in over my head before I knew if I was jumping into jello or diet coke. Then after all that effort and expectation, I couldn’t just admit that I was so utterly wrong, and we still kept in touch. Sort of, anyway. But I didn’t know what to say when you couldn’t find a job or when you couldn’t decide where to live or when you started making plans around your newly found dog. And I got busy and caught up in new people and new things. So, I dunno. It’s a little sad that you’re off now.

Good luck back there. I hope the next round of adventure is better for you than this one was. And thanks for stopping by.

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I just finished watching Once on my Netflix and am just charmed.

Very sweet Irish movie about a guy and a Czech immigrant girl who write and record some songs together. In week, they meet, tentative sparks smolder generating some wistful music, and then they go their separate ways.

The music is fantastic and you really get to listen to a lot of it. The love is unrequited and their tender hearts are both recovering from heartache. Kind of a chick flick with some indie singer/songwriter sensibility.


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