I just finished making a photobook of old pictures of me and my brothers as babies and kiddies.
When my Grandpa Joe died, a relative gave me his collection of pictures from my family, which my mom must have mailed to him over the years.  So I had my own little personal collection of childhood pix.

I made the book for my mom for her upcoming 64th birthday and titled it chickadees, which is what she used to call us when we were wee.

I love that I’ve regressed back to my 5 year old hair cut.

Whenever people want to know which brother is which, I tell them that J was the ugly one. Then they get horrified that I could say such a thing, but sure enough, they can then identify the twins correctly.

I can’t imagine the three babies, but looking at the pictures, I remember the hooligans we were.  Awesome hooligans.

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