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Swan Lake

Swan LakeD & I went to the ballet last night. The last time I’d been to a ballet was a local East Carolina performance of The Nutcracker, some time in the far reaches of yore. So this was a bit of an experiment for both of us.
To get into mood of poshy classness, we went for dinner at Jardiniere first, which was lovely. I had a very nice lamb and artichoke dinner, which left that lingering arto-flavor of the choke that I do so covet.
Our seats in the balcony were *very* high up, enough so that it was almost unpleasant to look down. But seats had sold out for the most part, so we took what we could get. If we do try a ballet again, I think better seats would make a significant improvement.
Much of the show was a series of showcases:  the court people do a dance, the peasants do a dance, the lords and ladies do a dance.  Those bits I found a bit dull and tedious.  But I loved the parts with the swans.  There were about 20 women, dressed identically moving around the stage so that it was more like watching a pattern than watching people.

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