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The Parkway Theater

On Thursday, I learned (from Facebook) that the Parway Theater would be closing for good on Sunday, March 22.
Because David had never been and because I welcomed an opportunity to go one last time, we made a visit on Friday night to see Revolutionary Road.
I was paranoid that it would be a mob scene and that we wouldn’t be able to get in at all, so we got there an hour early.  It wasn’t as busy as I’d feared, and we totally snagged a couch.  Yay!  I did get a little teary when we bought the tickets, though.
We got a pitcher of beer and ordered a pizza.  I took a lot of pictures.  I remembered coming here to see Zombie Strippers with the Uber Nerd.  And Best in Show, with Tuck.  (His cat kept smacking me in the head when we were kissing.)  I saw The Kite Runner there with Bek.  I saw Dreamgirls with Peter.  I fell asleep watching that one.


I loved the Parkway.  They didn’t have  great deal of variety, and movies would play there for ages.  The show times were often inconvenient or impossible.  So I never went as much as I wanted to.  But it was in my neighborhood and it was unique and just cool and special.

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