Wishing the lyrics to “My Obsession” were more amusing

picture-3I have become obsessed with Twitter.
It’s not an entirely new obsession.  My first tweet was on July 30, 2007 and since then, I’ve updated 476 times.

But a few days, someone with 600+ followers tweeted a message about following me and my followers have since doubled.  And a very few tweets have been favrd by someone other than Allib.

Because of this, I’ve started harboring delusions of grandeur, if grandeur could possibly mean Twittery success.  And that supposes that you can somehow achieve Twittery success.  But whatever it is, I feel fever pitched in my pursuit of churning out up to 140 more characters of something amusing.

When I was in New York, a friend there was griping about how dumb and pointless Facebook and Twitter are, and she challenged me to explain why I liked Twitter.  I said that since I couldn’t write a novel, I got a great deal of satisfaction in knowing that I could write one, just one, nice sentence.  She couldn’t argue that really, but couldn’t to sniff about how she’d never do them.

So I do love how Twitter lets me write a little tiny bit in a non-intimdiating way.  And I love how it feels a little competitive.  Like the Twitter gods are goading “how good can you write it?  just 140 characters?  bring it!”  And I love having something that updates so frequently.  Better than any good conversationalist, I can ask Twitter to “Tell me more!” and it will.  And, I admit it.  I love having a tweet Favrd.  Oh, the indulgent joy it brings me!  Like a pat on the had, but with a little yellow star to boot!

And thus, I am reduced to constant stalking and plotting.  I try to Favr other people in the hopes that it will engender like mindedness.  I search for new people to follow who might follow me back.  I am manic about checking Favrd.com and Favotter and in a constant state of puzzle as to why the two don’t match.

Sweet David watches all with amusement and warns “don’t try to be funny.  It isn’t funny.”

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