Let the wild rumpus start

I have no rumpus to speak of, unless we’re referring to my tush.  That bit has gotten gargantuan enough that it may have graduated from rump to rumpus for sure.

But still, no rumpus in the traditional sense of the word.

With no debacle or drama, I’ve lost some motivation for writing.  But when I think of all the little things that have happened in the past month or so, they rather add up to something.

Work has gotten more and more abysmal, with seemingly no hope for improvement.  The actual work there is to do is unforgivably boring and tedious.  Just now, I had to respond to someone whose question was “I tried to upgrade my software, but when I open it again, it’s the same version.”  And that’s it.  So I have to write back and basically say “What do you mean you tried to upgrade?  What did you DO?”
My despair about my working day goes in cycles varying from Bored Numb Zombie to Scathing Bitter Gremlin.  Whatever part of the cycle it may be, there is sure to be a mythical creature involved.

I think I have a good feeling for what it I would like to be doing.  I had some hope that I’d be able to do it here, but it’s not looking so good.  To combat this stagnation, I’ve signed myself up for classes in Project Management that should ultimately end in certification.  But that’s a year’s goal away from now.  We’ll see.  Class #1 was this past Wednesday, though, and so far so good.

Meanwhile, the brother was laid off, which was a constant possibility considering he wasn’t actually doing any work for six months.  But it finally happened.  Just in time for Nicole to have quit her job to stay at home with Max.  So very quickly, they went from being the family that hangs out at home together 24/7 but getting paid to do it, to being the family that stays at home together 24/7 and being paid the same amount that any of the rest of us would be for a lotta rumpus sitting at home.

Max, however, is unphased and has been exploring the fine art of walking.

I am in love with this song:

and this one:

And! I’m going to England on Sunday!  Via first class!  I will be meeting David’s parents and his niece, Elizabeth.  And also going to England!

That’s as far as today’s motivation took me.  Until next time, then…

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  1. Ali

    The Grizzly Bear music video is phenomenal! I am starting to practice blinking my eyes in succession. Have a wonderful time in England. Eat some mashed peas for me.

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