David woke up yesterday and decided that it was time for some shopping and that it was high time we got a new mattress and that he had himself a wii.

We’ve been sleeping on my mattress, the one that Jessica and I bought 10 years ago when we’d just moved to California.  There was a plan for getting beds:
1.  Sleep on the floor, with mats and blankets.  Save up!
2.  Buy one mattress and sleep together.  Continue with the saving.
3.  Buy a second mattress.
4.  Get box springs and frames.
After 3 nights of sleeping on the floor in our new apartment, we caved  and abandoned the plan completely.  We went into Oakland Chinatown and bought the cheapest mattresses we could find.  They were an atrocious turquoise floral pattern and generally about as crappy as they come at $100 each.  But that’s the bed I had, and I never got around to having a spare gabillion dollars to have a new one.

It’s been 10 years and as bad as the bed is, it’s my favorite place.  I don’t think there’s anything finer than waking up on a weekend morning and just lingering in this warm place with a drowsy boy, to talk and be close to one another.

It’s the same bedroom and the same headboard.  It’s just a new mattress.  But this one is our mattress.  It’s an investment in our nest of together.  As much as I’m looking forward to some better nights’ sleep, I’m more glad to be a part of this relationship and all of the new things we’ll do together.  This is the bed I made, and I can’t wait to sleep in it.

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