tilt shift

Like the entire universe, I’m fascinated by tilt shift photography.

The first time I encountered it was in a friend’s photo stream on Flickr:

photo by kaiser pelagic

Neato, right?

And then I started seeing it everywhere!

Like this: 

and this:

So of course, I want to make cute miniature photos, too!  How can I get me on that bandwagon?!

I could buy myself a nice new lens.  For $1,400.00.

Or I could jerry rig a hand made lens.  But that smacks of effort.

But you knew that prohibitive cost and effort wouldn’t keep me down, right?  Right.

Because there’s an app for that.

Straight out of the iPhone

Edited with the Tilt Shift application

I had tried using this application a couple of times before, but always with the wrong sorts of pictures, and not very interesting results.  It just won’t work right when the images are of something relatively close.  Apparently, high up views looking down on a scene are good ones to work with.

And now wondering if there’s roof access to the building here…

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  1. ali

    You know who took that first photo? His name rhymes with leg.

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