I ran a 5k race on the Fourth of July.  The same one as last year.

I feel a bit sorry for the lady who wrote that post.  She was so sad about doing that race.  And yeah, I’m still pretty hard on myself for being such a Slowbedon, but I definitely don’t feel quite as despondent as that post was anymore.

So the latest 5K?  It was still slow.  But you know what’s neat-o?  I completed the race in six minutes and 23 seconds faster than I did last year.  I finished this one in 32:04, which still hasn’t broken the magical 30 minute mark, but it’s a helluva lot closer than 38:33.

And you know what else?  In the year between that first 5k and this one, I have run 2 other 5ks, one 10k and a half marathon.

I still want to be faster, but with the perspective that a whole year can give, I can say that I have surely come a long way.


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