The David is getting his eyes lasered today.  I can hardly believe that such a technology even exists.  I don’t like to think about eyeballs in the best of circumstances.  Contemplating the process of cutting a flap in the eye and then zapping around in there with a laser beam… well, just.  Shock.  Horror.  Yuckeroni.

Even though I know it will be fine and that lots of people have done it, it’s still rather terrifying.

The fear aside, I also feel rather strangely about how he just won’t have glasses anymore.  He really can’t see at all without glasses, so they are a real part of his face and I can’t believe that he just won’t have them any more.  This is a face that I’m so used to, a face that I love, and it’s about to change.







































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4 responses to “lasik

  1. ali

    I used to have the fake glasses without prescriptions in them…get him a pair of those!

  2. hope it all goes well! I’ll probably get lasik sometime this year, but I mainly wear contacts so it won’t be a visible change to anyone.

    • Thanks Emily! All is well. The surgery was totally fine and The David can totally see, even if he does look a little funny now without his glasses. He’s pretty darned excited about it.

  3. The hubbs is talking about getting contacts, and I feel the same way! I like his Clark Kent look, I don’t want it to go away. 😦

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