Daily Archives: February 21, 2012

pretty tupperware

I admit it.  I get silly amounts of happy over some goofy stuff.

For example, my tupperware pleases me to no end.  But it’s not just any tupperware, it’s Portionware!

The Portionware containers are marked with the exact volume of each vessel, so that you can control your portion sizes!  How very mindful, no?

Given that I don’t really know if I should have a 2 cup serving or a 1 cup serving of whatever it is I’m toting around for lunch today, I’m not so invested in this aspect.

But the pretty pretty nesting rainbow colors!  Whee!

If such a thing interests you, keep an eye out for a deal.  I got mine from Bloomspot and Fab.com.

I may be silly with my monies, but thirty bucks for tupperware is goofy, even for me.


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