Little Facts (scholastic)


1.  Despite believing that I had magic powers of verbosity, I did significantly better on the math section of every standardized test I ever took.

2.  When I started college, my declared major was journalism.  Then I switched to pre-med.  Then I flunked out!  But they let me back in after some summer schooling.  And I finished with degrees in Psychology and Public Health.

3.  I have no compulsion to pursue an advanced degree, despite coming from two PhD parentals.  The idea of volunteering for years of *homework* makes me shudder and phbbbt.


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3 responses to “Little Facts (scholastic)

  1. Hey! 1/3 of my degree is in journalism, but I don’t like it one bit at all even a tiny smidge. I am not cut out to care that much about everything.

  2. Joe

    Yeah, the homework thing pretty much sucks.

  3. LZ

    Ditto on the double PhD parentals and not caring a smidge about going further than a BA, but I also have the pleasure of 3 sisters with advanced degrees making me look like the reject in the bunch (doctor, lawyer, librarian… I am officially the Indian chief)

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