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Little Facts (can i get you started with an order of mozzarella sticks?)


After I graduated from Rutgers, I got a job waiting tables at Friday’s , while I lived at my parents’ house and saved up for the big move to San Francisco.

1.  Yes, I had to wear flair in the form of buttons on my red suspenders.  The minimum number allowed was 7, but I definitely had way more than that because I was ridiculously into my flair.  Oh, yes.
Flair also meant having to wear a hat, but not a baseball cap.  I had a tiara, a Peter Pan-style elf cap, a pioneer lady’s bonnet, a clown hat, and a wool flat cap.

2.  I had a big crush  on one of the bartenders.  A bunch of the staff went to a flair competition in which he was competing.  (In this case, flair refers to the practice of throwing and flipping bottles around.)  At this competition, I wore my foxy blue velvet plunging neckline shirt and made my (successful) play for bartender boy.  The shirt became known as the “nookie shirt” among the waitresses and was passed around to share in times of need.

3.  If I wasn’t having enough fun doing the clapping-chanting-cheers for someone’s birthday, I’d address all of my tables with an Irish accent and tell them I was an au pair from Galway.


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i don’t know about babies…

I’m not totally sold on the concept of babies.

But weird kids are pretty rad.

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a gala!

You know how the people on tv are always going to charity events?  They get all super swank dressed up and then drama ensues!

Those shows are really all the experience I’ve had in the realm of charity events, so I couldn’t help but expect it to kind of be like that.

But when I attended the 40th Anniversary Gala for Curry Senior Center, there was no Mischa Barton and no Blake Lively.  No tuxedos.  There was an auction, but the prizes were not bachelors.

Mostly, it was like a wedding reception, one in which you don’t really know the people and that no one does any cheesy line dancing.

fundraising gala!












There was cheese and there was fizzy wine, so it definitely met the basic maggie requirements.

I had a little table, full of my own people.

David and Nina













And there were very, very nice views.

Downtown SF and the Bay Bridge












North Beach and the Golden Gate












I’ve never coughed up any significant funding to a charity before and I’ve certainly never attended anyone’s “gala” before.  The experience probably won’t ever inspire a show on the CW, but it was alright.

And like I said, there was cheese….


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