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a decade

20130117-102930.jpgMy first ever passport expired in December and to ensure that I had continuous flee-the-country coverage, I made sure to get a new one.  It just arrived.

I’m intrigued (and yet also disappointingly bored) by this opportunity to see the same photograph of myself replicated ten years later.

I have definitely gotten more orange over the years.  But my smirk remains consistent.

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i don’t know about babies…

I’m not totally sold on the concept of babies.

But weird kids are pretty rad.

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sing out loud. sing out strong.

you know how mostly people don’t sing out loud?

except for some people who think that they are awesome possum singers and will happily (for no reason) belt out “my heart will go on,” like for realz style, with full on vibrato and commitment.  those people gross me out.  i ralph on their heads.  they can just go back to my bad dreams of being shunned by the high school show choir.

but regular, every day, i’m happy and you know and i-can’t-get-this-song-out-of-my-head-so-i’ma-sing-it-for-you? more people should do that.

I have Oh Sheila running on a perpetual loop in my head.  At all times.  But I only know “oh!  oh sheila!  let me love you til the morning comes.”  Which will sometimes escape from me at random times.

And lately, I’ve had a hankering for Sara, that old Starship song.  This version is slightly suck, but still.  With fire and ice, the dream will come true.


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I had to get headshots taken at work, since I started writing some of the blog posts there.  I guess if I say something really good, they need to have a picture ready so that you can bask in my smirk and my words of clever simultaneously.

The photos were taken my Jay Graham, a local professional photographer with breathtakingly amazing work – who also happens to be the husband of a coworker.

The photo session was pretty quick.  There were just two rounds, one looking off to the side and one looking at the camera.  In each round, I think the expression on my face just got more and more skeptical, so the first one of each batch was the best.

He was gracious enough to let me use them for my own personal plastering, hence this is now my avatar for everywhere.

And this one is just extra, with one squinty eye and one less squinty eye because that’s the best way to see you through the interwebs.


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Little Facts


1.  My great-great-grandfather Giuseppi fell off a donkey cart and died.

2.  Grandpa Joe, on my other side of the family, tried to raise chinchillas in the basement and they went rampant.

3.  My nephew calls me Uncle Buggles.

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You look great!


I came across this message on the sidewalk of my street this morning.


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if you’re looking back and wondering where 2011 went…

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