stuff that happened while I slothed on blogging: half-marathon #4

my fourth half-marathon happened two weekends ago.

yes, hello?  four?  that’s right.  four.  in the span of about 15 months, i have done this four times.  on purpose.  voluntarily.

and this time, i took some others down with me.  mwah fucking hah.

the david and i flew to seattle for the rock n roll half marathon to run with my lady friends virginia and alysha, and then alysha slurped in her friends yari and chris.  you see how these thing spiral out of control.  a very slow, plodding out of control.

anyway, i sucked at training for it, as per usual, and was not planning to try very hard.  but ended up staying with virginia for all of 8 miles before i crapped out and told her to take her appropriately trained tuchis to the finish while i moped along, rueing the ridiculous choices i make.

it didn’t rain.

i didn’t die.

i finished in 2:52 which is far from my best, but it’s also not my worst of the four.

and then, sweet baby james, i agreed to and actually signed up for the vegas rock n roll in december, with this same entourage of folks.

please don’t ask me what is the matter with me because i’ll be damned if i know.


bootleg screenshot of me and v holding hands

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