and now we also have Luna

Kitten #2.

She’s some kind of Siamese-y mix, with blue eyes, a bit of an elongated moose-face, and a lotta meows. Her purr machine is dialed up to 11 if you even think of looking in her direction.

Sometimes she and Rocket are like this:

But most of the time it is a tussling rumpus over here.

Which means our plan was a rousing success! Instead of biting people toes and and hands and faces, now Rocket has a little friend to bite instead! It’s kind of like that movie in which some parents have a new baby specifically so that it can be a donor for older-sister-cancer-girl.


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4 responses to “and now we also have Luna

  1. She is beautiful. I really wish I had got a second kitten but Marshall is 4 now and I don’t think he would be too happy 🙂

  2. Wow. She’s gorgeous!!!! Love the picture of the two of them together. Double Trouble for sure!

  3. She is very beautiful, I love her coloring and they are so cute together.

  4. She’s beautiful! I’m pinning after a kitten, but the hubby says only one animal in our little apartment. 😦

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