out of towners

It’s amazing, but wonderful, the way that internet friends sometimes turn into regular world friends. And then it seems sort of funny to think back on the origins of your knowing one another.

Such is the way of Margot.  Although, Margot and I weren’t even especial internet friends… we just agreed to be stranger roommates at ALT Summit.

And that almost seems funnier to me than just knowing her online, that we actually met at a cacophony of girly top knots and colored jeans.  I guess I wouldn’t call either of us poster girls for the event.

Which is maybe why it makes sense that we’ve kept in touch after the fact.

Anyway, Margot and her fellow, Chad, were in town from Chicago for a wedding.  They stayed in our living room and didn’t cram either of the cats in a stew pot, so they totally deserve a prize.

We took them to Homeroom, the land of a thousand macaroni and cheeses.  And they came with us to a see Andrew Sean Greer and Daniel Handler be funny.  They were easy and amenable and made me feel happy about knowing people out there who are smart and interesting and talented and artistic.


The artisticness was like magnets, drawing them the incredible, neon-imbued, Lisa Congdon.  I interloped on their lunching (and took a photo with my fisheye lens.)
20121015-144529.jpgAnd then they flew away back home to Chicago, where they will continue to be amazing.   I will follow along on the interwebs, waving my little admiration flag.

Thanks for including us in your visit to San Francisco, guys!  We really loved having you.


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3 responses to “out of towners

  1. You are too smart and cool and talented and artistic to possibly find me interesting. Also, two posts so close together!

  2. This made my day! You may have taken one of the best portraits of me & Chad ever! So sad it’s OVER already.

  3. How in the world have I never heard of Homeroom?! I need to get my butt over there to try everything on their menu…

    And now I’m seriously considering the ALT Summit. Hopefully I can make it out there this year.

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