this year’s love


The Christmas card I sent this year was evidence of my descent to full on cat lady crazy.

In the beginning, when faced with the task of completing The Christmas Cards, I forget how much I like them. The stack seems  overwhelming and the list of names daunting.  And on top of the shopping and the eating and the near-constant state of some degree of drunk, they do stress me out.

And yet, I refuse to just sign my name to anonymous card and stick a stamp on something impersonal.

As much work as it is, I love the ritual of sending these messages. And I get such a nice feeling of accomplishment from sealing up the pristine envelopes and dropping off the finished stacks in a mailbox.

I love you.
I miss you.
I’m sorry I haven’t seen you in so long.
I’m so glad we got to see you this year.
Looking forward to seeing you soon.
This year will be better.
I’m excited for all that’s in store for you this year.
I’m glad there’s a you here.
I want you to be happy.
You matter to me.



Artfully arranged cards on the mantel


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3 responses to “this year’s love

  1. I need a catlady card. I am ashamed to admit that I have a huge stack of cards from people still unopened. Many came just before we left town and I didn’t have time to open them, then in our weeks’ worth of accumulated mail during vacation there are many more. Now that Christmas and New Years are past, I’m not enthusiastic about opening all of them. But I do love the yearly photos from everyone. p.s. I came clean about Portland to Chad and of course I shall have what I want 🙂

  2. haha. Still have a huge pile. Must get on that today 🙂

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