I got a mammogram today

People do a lot of stuff with pink ribbons to promote breast cancer awareness. 

I’m don’t really get why there’s so much hype about generating this awareness, though. It’s not like this is some rare and mysterious ailment. We all know of at least one someone who’s had it.  

So even though it’s personal and kind of awkward to talk about, I’m just putting it out there.  I got a mammogram today, for the first time. 

It wasn’t that big of a deal.    


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6 responses to “I got a mammogram today

  1. catiecake

    I got my first one 2 years ago and I was shocked at how much of a big deal it wasn’t! So many women complain about them like it’s the worst thing they’ve ever been through. I’ve had naps that were more way more awful than my mammogram.

  2. Donna Karlan

    I always thought it wasn’t a big deal to have an annual mammogram since no one in my family had a history of breast cancer. Three years ago a tiny, tiny 3mm lesion was picked up on my mammogram. It turned out to be invasive ductal carcinoma. In order to make it easier for my friends to discuss this topic with me, an important part of having the darn thing, I re-named it “The Incarcerated Duck.” The duck had to leave my body (via a lumpectomy) then I would go through radiation, which picked up any leftover feathers. This re-naming, which is like re-framing a topic, helped in lightening the mood and the receiving of numerous rubber duckies. Some friends were very clever with their responses and support.
    Had I not had the mammogram, hard telling what that 3mm duck would have morphed into. Even if seems to be no big deal or a big deal, ya never know what lurks in the tiniest of spaces.

    • Hey Donna! Thanks for sharing. I think it’s really important to tell these stories, so that getting a mammogram and quickly addressing any issues, is something that seems normal and ordinary for everyone… instead of being some daunting, scary, big deal.

      • Donna Karlan

        I appreciate your comment, Margaretedith. I’ve had two mammograms since that time and do take it seriously, for obvious reasons. Hopefully a cure will be found, we’ll just have to get a shot, and the mammogram machines will be a thing of the past.

  3. You just reminded me how much younger than me you are. My boobs have been squished regularly now for many years. I think mammograms must be harder for women with very small breasts. They really like to squish that tissue as flat as possible, and if there’s not much tissue how can they do that? Mine are pretty flat already, so no biggie. Thank you 100# weight loss for making my boobs deflated and thus making mammograms easy.

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