eating like this

My interweb friends Caroline and Jen have both been being all buzzy about this Whole30 thing, so I looked into it and got intrigued by this promise: “improved body composition, energy levels, sleep quality, attention span, mental attitude and athletic performance.”

Curiouser and curiouser I got, so I told The David and we decided to give it a shot.

What “it” is, is a diet comprised solely of lean meats, vegetables, healthy fats and some fruit.  Which means no grains, no beans, no sugar, no soy, no alcohol.  For 30 days.

Today’s my 11th day and aside from some added sugar in some jerky, I think I’ve kept to it pretty accurately.

So far, I’d say that I’m feeling about the same as usual, although I do notice that I’m not getting slumpy in the afternoons.  I still have regular tired laziness as per usual.  And no magic sleeping.  So the jury’s still out – maybe my magic moment is just around the bend.

Also, around the bend, I’ve just arrived in Salt Lake City for Alt Design Summit. Where my meals are going to be provided for me, which means the plan is probably out the window.  (Please let there be pasta)  Oh, the sacrifices for bloggery…


chorizo, sweet potato and spinach hash, with a soft boiled egg


romaine and spinach salad, with chicken, avocado, broccoli slaw, and macadamia nuts


sweet potato stuffed with brussels sprouts, pecans, and bacon

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  1. Have a blast at Alt Summit! Please IG or Tweet some photos. I need to see you and all the other beautiful people being fabulous!

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