We’ve been remiss at keeping in touch.  Please forgive us.  We  are very busy.

luna and rocket

We have shed our kittenish appearances for full fledged cattiness.  But we still get up to much in the way of antics and wanton destruction.

rocket whiskers


This is me, Rocket.  Cat #1. I have a flair for the cantankerous and enjoy biting.
But when the mood strikes, I like to make with zee snuggle.  If we snuggle too hard, though, and I get really happy, then I drool.  It is charming and grotesque all at once.  My favorite time to tell you about my love is in the pre-dawn gloaming, around 4 am.  After that, it is time to have fisticuffs with my cat-at-arms, Luna.

luna portrait


Yeah, that’s me, Luna, the lovely lady lump.  When I am not cooking my rump in front of the radiator, I would like to come sit on you and then get up and turn around and then sit on you that way.  And then put my right paw in and sit on you.  And then shimmy coco puff sit on you some more.  And because I am badass, I will also purr like the mother fucking dickens while doing all that squirrelly sitting.

lickingWe are friends sometimes.  Except in the bathtub, where we are sworn to be mortal enemies.  Commence scuffling!

rocket stands upJust try to be so awesome.  Try it and be disappointed.  Your belly is far too unfurry.

luna jumpAnd your tail has got no stripes.

Until next time, humans.  Enjoy all that being awake you do.






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3 responses to “catalogical

  1. Brice!

    Striped tails would be nice.

  2. katie

    Amazing pictures! What sweet kitties you’ve got.

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