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up my alley


the quality mending co bowling bag

Totally impractical.  Definitely couldn’t fit a novel and my lunch.

But I have a funny feeling inside that maybe I love this bag.


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I love this poster of bracket-mustaches in different typefaces.

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I want to be a shoe fairy

I am supposed to be not spending any money.  Not any!  Like literally spending $0 per day except for the days that I have to pay bills.  Which means that I would really like to eat cookies on an awful lot of days, but that I don’t.

And yet.

I bought a very wee little pair of shoes.  I became a bit enchanted with the idea of giving niece Elizabeth a new pair of shoes for each of her birthdays, as I had given her a very cute pair of shoes when she was born.  So charming did I find this idea that I was… well, typical, and I just went and bought some shoes.  Although they didn’t cost dollars, they cost Great! British! Pounds! so I don’t really know how much money I spent.  And that’s almost like spending no money at all!

But still.  Little girl baby shoes.  My regret is minimal.

Fuschia shoo shoos

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Photographs by the blind

Sights Unseen

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on sitting

“I am having a great love for this chair.  It’s a love that’s lasted 2 days so far,” said the enormously indebted girl in love with an $800 chair.

But also!  Copper buttons!


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all the pretty presents

I don’t count New Year’s Eve for much of a holiday and thus feel I can safely say that the holidays are over.  It’s kind of a Yay! to have all the chaos finished, but also rather ho-hum to be faced with 31 days in the month of January, festivity-free.

There’s lots that I love about Christmas, and none of it’s to do with the baby Jesus.  Like any good five year old, what I love is the presents.  And not because I’m some kind of saint or anything, but I love the buying and picking out of presents more than I like getting them.  It’s because I consider myself to be a present buying master.  Although maybe ask the guy who doesn’t shave his head and for whom I bought this about that…

While it’s still fresh on my mind, I’d like to jot down some notes about my favorite gifts of the year, just in case I need to remember for later.

I got David a samurai sword handled umbrella from  It has a strap to wear across your chest so that the handle is sticking up over your shoulder and it pains-slash-amuses me to admit it, it its pretty bad ass ninja.

The Zander gave me measuring cups made from Russian nesting dolls.  They’re so charming, and I totally had some successful measuring with them last night!

I got this letterpress poster from 4505 Meats for the pork lover in my life:  

I took the cue from my workplace and made a gift with my own photographs, and sent my parents a calendar of Flowers, Leaves and Berries.  This present is really only super if you happen to think I’m super.

Dooce posted this gorgeous printed wall art photograph of a hedgehog in one of her fabulous gift guides.  I love it.  Want it.  Ever so much.  But the cheapest, smallest one is $250!  Tragically more than I can pay for a poster of a hedgehog, even with me being me.
But lo!  The artist has also published a book and with that, you can have ALL of the pictures in one handy little package.  Rad.

And speaking of hedgehogs, how about a boot brush?
This went to David’s parents who I think were puzzled by incessant search for rogue hedgehogs while in England.  (I was unsuccessful.)  The dad says that the bristles are quite stiff.  I believe that in dad speak that roughly translates to “I like it!”

Despite a handful of flubs, I felt pretty successful, and a bit inspired to try to be a better more thoughtful gift giver consistently throughout the year.

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Neighborhood Maps

Ork PosterLove love love the maps of Ork Posters, designed by Jenny Beorkrem.

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