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craftcation, all i ever wanted

Something wonderful happened.

After going to ALT summit in January, I had an internal hissyfit about not doing any of the things that I admire in other people and wanting to learn to do more stuff.  As a random start to rectify this, I signed myself up for a sewing class at workshop sf.  It turns out that the lady teaching the class had also gone to ALT, so we had a little connecting over that.  And then she told me that she and her business partner organize this event called Craftcation, a mythical creature I had just learned about from someone else at ALT.  It’s a multi-day conference full of crafting and making stuff.  The sewing teacher, Nicole, told me I should go.  I was noncommital and daunted by my inadequacies.
And then, a few days later over email, she suggested that Blurb should go, to scope it out as an option for sponsorship in 2014.  One can do anything, wearing a ninja cloak of sponsorship!

The stars aligned:  my marketing department said that there was no budget to send me, but try to keep the costs down and they’d send me.  My boss, who’s under no obligation to let me do marketing things, but also happens to be into craftiness herself, said that I could go (missing two days in the office) if I took some time to do some user research about the crafters as a potential book-making segment.

And so.








I loved it so hard. There was no posturing or jockeying for position. Costume changes were minimal. There were classes about how to try and make money, but to make money because you created something, not because you have followers. The food was beautiful and wholesome, like a meal you would have with your favorite foodie friends. The attendees were friendly and genuine and interested and talented.

I fully intend to go again next year. In fact, I would go again this weekend, if I could.
Instead, I will try to give myself some time to learn new things and the wiggle room to be less than stellar while I do.

So yay for all of that and then some.

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