Saturday Rituals

There is a farmer’s market in my neighborhood every Saturday morning. I go each week, some times just to ensure that I have left the house at least once over the course of a weekend.

It’s clear and sunny today and it feels as though spring is coming, even though it’s only January. But the weather’s been unforgiving lately, for the Bay Area anyway, so it is spry indeed to get a day like this.

I usually do a lap of the whole market first to see what’s there and then make purchases on my second circuit. Today I bought a pomelo, which gave me fond memories of high school AP English.

It takes a lot of work to get through a pomelo, which looks like a monster grapefruit. They’ve got these thick spongy skins, which can’t be just peeled. They have to be cut through and whittled away at until you’ve got just the fruit. Then the interior skin is entirely non-good for eating, so you have to completely remove the flesh from the pithy stuff in there. But it’s completely worth all the labor. You might not think that crunchy citrus is the way to go, but it’s surprisingly super.

little lettucesmall pomelosmypictr_100x754.jpgmypictr_100x753.jpg

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