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Mmmm…. sigh…

It was a grand night on Planet Suck. As if I had actually taken the commuter shuttle to Planet Suck’s moon, Dreamy Wonderful Eye-Gazing Bliss.

We had a wonderful dinner at Flora. The food was fantastic albeit complicated, but the waitress was really friendly and helpful in explaining everything. We spent a lot of time there, in our typical fashion, holding hands across the table and beaming at each other. If it didn’t make me so ridiculously happy, I would find us repellent.

And then we went back to my place and were, well… epic.  Epic with assorted bouts of the giggles (mostly me) and goofy grinning.

This is why I keep hanging out on this planet.  Sometimes, it’s a great place to live.

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Easy come, easy go

I got a text from Peter last night saying “am probably leaving tomorrow a.m.” I knew he was going. I knew he was all packed up. I knew he tried to give me his Ikea bookshelves. But when I got a second text this morning “Peter is riding off into the east! Sayonara CA” I was still surprised. He never got a local phone number. Never even changed his New Jersey license plates, but I am still in disbelief. He came here, we were close for about a second, and then he left.

So, bye P-tron. I’m sorry that we didn’t work out like I thought we might. But true to form, I didn’t know you when I thought I knew you and got in over my head before I knew if I was jumping into jello or diet coke. Then after all that effort and expectation, I couldn’t just admit that I was so utterly wrong, and we still kept in touch. Sort of, anyway. But I didn’t know what to say when you couldn’t find a job or when you couldn’t decide where to live or when you started making plans around your newly found dog. And I got busy and caught up in new people and new things. So, I dunno. It’s a little sad that you’re off now.

Good luck back there. I hope the next round of adventure is better for you than this one was. And thanks for stopping by.

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I just finished watching Once on my Netflix and am just charmed.

Very sweet Irish movie about a guy and a Czech immigrant girl who write and record some songs together. In week, they meet, tentative sparks smolder generating some wistful music, and then they go their separate ways.

The music is fantastic and you really get to listen to a lot of it. The love is unrequited and their tender hearts are both recovering from heartache. Kind of a chick flick with some indie singer/songwriter sensibility.


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I may not have used any vacation days, but..

I did finally take a wee vacation!

I planned a girls getaway for the long weekend with my friend Tiffany, who invited some of her girls and I, mine.  In the end, there were seven ladies and we rented a house in Dillon Beach.  It’s a tiny oceanside town about an hour and a half north.

And it was lovely.  Sharon, Allison and I got there on Friday night, made a spaghetti dinner and stayed up far too late talking.  Beautiful on Saturday.  We drank mimosas in the morning and went for a long walk on the beach.  Cold, but sunny and clear water and waves. Then Tiffany turned up with her friends Tara, Heather and Alicia.  We played games, drank more, made dinner, and danced around the living room.  On Sunday I got a massage at Osmosis spa with Allison, which was really fantastic and then we got and ate about a billion loaves of possibly the best food stuff I have ever let pass my lips.  The word “bread” doesn’t do it justice.  There was napping and movie watching in the afternoon and more games.

If I could just get my apartment cleaned up from its current gross-o state, I would be in a sublime state of relaxedness and readiness to go to work tomorrow.  So almost, but not quite!  And all in all, it was just so good to take some time off and go away and just be.  mypictr_466x3496202531645569.jpg

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Valentine’s Day

It’s Valentine’s Day, the bane of the singleton existence. Except that being in love with someone who makes me somebody loved, even on Planet Suck, is pretty nice. And so on a hormonal high of worship, lust and love, I decided to make valentines. I rationalized my plans to make valentines just for him by making many, many valentines for lots of people. And they look so darling when they’re all together, that I was rather sad to separate them and send them off. Much of their appeal seemed to be in their flocking behavior.

In any case, I spent far too much money on ribbons and spent all weekend being crafty with fancy paper, velvet and satin ribbon, lace, glitter, and cut-out hearts.  It made me feel pretty darned good.  I got to do something pretty, with lots of combinations.  And I do enjoy an opportunity to make sure that each little element is used equally and appropriately.  I ended up with three that I wanted to give to the fellow and then the rest went out to friends, who I do love so very much.

I  wrote a list of the reasons I love him on the backs of the card and managed to commandeer his morning coffee run.  I really hadn’t expected to get any nod from him that it was Valentine’s Day at all (although I hoped of course – I am a girl), but lo and behold, he’d made me a card, too.  It was cute with a castle  and calling me his princess valentine, which has become this strange little joke* of ours.  I was just filled to overflowing with glee.  Glee to be with him for a few minutes and to hear him tell me that he loves me and that I am “the prettiest of all girls.”  Which I feel sheepish to write about, that it made me so happy, but it did.  So there.

But I will be on my own tonight and I am planning to go to my yoga class.  A love a little bit of the time is better than never, though.

I did just have the lovely experience of hearing someone ask him if he’d given her her gift already and if it went over well.  Boy, was that super.  It’s so much easier to avoid nausea stemming from her existence if I don’t think of her or have to be reminded of her in any way.  Sigh.

*The joke is that he calls me a magical princess.  And maybe I did spend hours making these Victorian valentines, and I got a mosquito net for my bed just because it is pretty, and I do sometimes babble on about the plots of senseless romance novels, but I am no princess!  Pish!



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It turned out to be a pretty nice weekend.

The weather’s been lovely all of a sudden, full of self righteous California sunshine and relative warmth.  Ha.  Suck on that, New Jersey.

I spent most of Saturday with my lovely Jessica, whose birthday is today.  We watched more episodes of Sex and the City than I will admit to, just like it was 2002.  Interesting to think about how my and our perspectives have changed on the show in just a few years.

Then I saw Jua and her boys, Aaron and Adam on Sunday.  It had been far too long, and suddenly, Aaron is talking!  When I came in the house, he clearly said “there’s a car!”  Which was weird, like imagining your cat suddenly talking to you.  I know, I know.  Cats *could* talk to you if they wanted to.  They just don’t.  So it would be surprising if one day they did, right?  It was like that to hear Aaron speaking.  He also puked up a lot of pineapple and crab which was pretty awesome.

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James Blunt

I picked up tickets to see James Blunt off of Craigslist about a month ago, as the show was sold out. My friend, Sharon, came with.

Very strange scene. Older than I would have expected. Over-dieted, bottle blonde 45 year old women wearing sequined and spangly tube tops. One in particular that I deemed to be the love child of She-Ra and Skeletor, directly behind us. In front, two late-thirty-somethings whose style of subtle bee-bopping was oddly dated. Very knees together, symmetrical up-and-down bopping. To the right, a couple with some manner of European type woman and a South American (our best guess) smoothie, about 15 years older than her. His hand explored her ass extensively. I couldn’t look away.

Sara Bareilles was pretty great. She was very cute, wearing a great dress, endearing and engaging. She has a super voice, very powerful, and played along by herself or with the band on the piano the entire time. I was particularly moved by her song, Gravity.

James Blunt, I have to say, was on the lame side. Possibly I was prejudiced by the decidedly un-cool crowd. Or maybe I had just forgotten how many times I’d already heard You’re Beautiful already. But he did come across as arrogant and right pleased with himself. It annoyed me in one song that he trilled his ‘r’ in the word ‘through’ (twice) when he hadn’t been doing any ‘r’ rolling previously. And then he gave this little talk about how sad he gets about things in the news and how some things are more important and profound than whether or not Britney Spears is wearing any underwear. Totally true, of course. It is appalling that celebrity gossip gets way more coverage than the communities in a war ravaged Kosovo, but that Britney joke is about 18 months too old. Given how traumatic and dramatic recent Britney events have been, it was strangely inappropriate and just dated. And then afterwards, Sharon told me that he’d made the joke in an interview she saw with him on TV. My eyes roll even now thinking about it.

In any case, it’s always good to get out to see some music. I would see Sara Bareilles again. And James did do a Supertramp cover of Breakfast in America that was pretty cool. But again, he prefaced the song by saying that it seemed to have gone over well the last time he played in San Francisco. Perhaps it’s time for some new material, eh?


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