Jumping the Shark

I had a new SAT student last night. It turns out, he lives a few houses down from another girl I tutored a few years ago. She wasn’t particularly interesting, unless you are interested in peppy, blonde, cheerleader types (ok, so maybe she *is* interesting), but her dad…. now there’s another story. And since I was reminded of him last night, I will tell it.

At the end of a session, I was chatting with Dad, who wanted to know if I’d been tutoring for long and if I’d ever worked with anyone famous. As a matter of fact, I had worked with Carlos Santana’s daughter. And then I conjectured about the other celebrities in the Bay Area who had pending teenagers, like Sean Penn and Robin Williams. Dad tells me that he had worked in tv a little bit. Oh yes? What did you do?

I was a stunt man. I did a water skiing episode on Happy Days.

Really? So you jumped the shark?!

Yes. Yes, I did.

And there you have it.

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