It turned out to be a pretty nice weekend.

The weather’s been lovely all of a sudden, full of self righteous California sunshine and relative warmth.  Ha.  Suck on that, New Jersey.

I spent most of Saturday with my lovely Jessica, whose birthday is today.  We watched more episodes of Sex and the City than I will admit to, just like it was 2002.  Interesting to think about how my and our perspectives have changed on the show in just a few years.

Then I saw Jua and her boys, Aaron and Adam on Sunday.  It had been far too long, and suddenly, Aaron is talking!  When I came in the house, he clearly said “there’s a car!”  Which was weird, like imagining your cat suddenly talking to you.  I know, I know.  Cats *could* talk to you if they wanted to.  They just don’t.  So it would be surprising if one day they did, right?  It was like that to hear Aaron speaking.  He also puked up a lot of pineapple and crab which was pretty awesome.

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