Screws Fall Out All the Time

Saturday was Breakfast Club in Dolores Park night, my most favorite night of all. As far as I know, this is a one time ever in a life time event, but I may have other more favorite nights another time. Right. So Saturday night was a very nice one.

As a child of the eighties, of course I love the Breakfast Club and can recite lines along with Molly and Emilio like a champ. And I love movie in the park night. I love the cheering and wisecracks. When Bender is harassing Claire and asking “Over the panties, no bra, blouse unbuttoned, Calvin’s in a ball on the front seat past eleven on a school night?” some girl yelled out “You know you’re wet, Molly!” Crass, yes. But funny.

We had an excellent picnic of nice fruitly things and some very good cheeses and I revisited my old classic of pesto, fresh mozzarella, and tomato on bread.

And the we was me and the new squeeze. I like to squeeze him an awful lot. Because of the Squeeze or the passage of time, or most likely both, I don’t feel quite so deathly. In fact, I feel rather happy. Like one of those frogs who hibernates under the mud during a drought and then comes back to life when it rains again. Just like that.

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