A Cheesy Test

I was at a social gathering of work colleagues of The Squeeze’s this weekend.  He works for a British company and many of the employees are British.  Conversation turned to the things that they miss living in America, and cheese came up.  Specifically, cheddar cheese and how it is non-good.  What with the tooting and touting that goes on over California cheese, and more vociferously, Wisconsin cheese, I got a bit huffy.  American cheese is awesome!  You fools.  Just because we sell cheez in a can here doesn’t mean that we don’t also have high end hoity toity cheese as well!

I drank beer, the huff abated.

But then, last night I was in Trader Joe’s.  And I was looking at cheeses.  I noticed that Trader Joe’s has got an ample selection of cheese from England, so I thought I might get some to please The Squeeze.  But then I noticed that there was simply an ample collection of cheddar cheeses from all over the place.  So I went a bit nuts and got blocks of English, Irish, New York, Wisconsin and California cheddars.  I brought them over, along with some crackers, and requested that he do a blind taste test of the cheeses at his office.

The drama is unfolding right now!

And while I rather wish I myself were nibbling some cheeses, my delight at the prospect of a ridiculous cheddar cheese tasting is huge.  Ha!

Except that so far, early reports indicate that the English cheddar is in the lead.  Wankers.

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