Eine Kline Beer and Brother

My brother and his girlfriend came to visit this weekend. I haven’t seen them (or any of my family) since last May, so it was super to have some beefed up Hannon time. I feel extra specially Volvo and Buggles infused.

The girlfriend is 6 months pregnant and seems to be a very normalizing factor for my brother. He didn’t get ridiculously drunk once. He (and they) seem to be doing very well. I’m excited about the pending nephew business and eager to see Joe being dadly. Although, he did let me trim some of the more outrageous of his eyebrow hairs. Perhaps he needed those to bolster the dad style mojo.

My favorite part of the weekend was going to the German Tourist Club in Oakland. Evidently, there’s another one in Marin that is better known, but we lucked out and stumbled across some info advertising Herbstfest in the Oakland Hills.

The scene was predominantly 65 and older, but they were wearing Bavarian costumes and polkaing to an oompa band, so the people watching was still super. Mostly, we just sat at a picnic table under a big oak tree and drank a fair amount of beer and just chattered.

It was good to have some family time, particularly pleasant family time.  The Squeeze was happy to be there and very accommodating and all rose-colored glasses about my brother and his pending fatherhood.  So it was a nice weekend, and beer in the Oakland hills was a very good find.

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One response to “Eine Kline Beer and Brother

  1. ALi

    Oh my god 1.) I had no idea the German Tourist Club existed! I am the ultimate German beer garden/saurkraut loving/sausage eating (kind of) person out there and need a place like this! I can’t wait to turn 65 so I can attempt to become a member. 2.) With your permission could I possibly use your beer pouring photo for a Design Public event? Thanks, Maggie.

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