Climbing Walls

I tried out wall climbing last night at Great Western Power Company in Oakland.

So that means that I clung to little hand holdy gripping things on a wall, suspended by a rope, and tried to convince my feet to find a new place to step a little higher and then hoist up again. When I was ready to come down, I had to just let go of the wall and allow myself to be lowered by the rope, while imagining what loveliness was happening to my ass which was harnessed in with straps. Anything that creates fatty bulges around the tuchis and thigh area is surely something to pursue, eh?

I was accompanied on this by two lady friends who were quite brave. I was ever so glad to try this out with other women, especially since they’d never done it before either. We had a little lesson on tying the knots for the climber and the belayer, and then he watched while one person did a climb on a short wall and another did the belaying.

And then he turned us loose on the very tall wall, which was… well, quite tall. I got about half way up when I noticed that I was panting and that my heart was racing and that the Maggie mechanism was quite scared! I tried to make it a bit further up, but the panickyness and then the waning strength in my arm muscles pretty much made me think that that was an ok amount of a try when I got to a point where the little hand hold jobbers started being sparse.

I think I may try it again, and possible have less of the fears. Hopefully. And trying things that are scary is good for you, right?

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