And in this corner….

Another tale from that datilithic era of last year…

The same time that I was dating Fred, the Aryan Uber Nerd, I was also dating… Herman.  He was quirky, almost bizarre.  But interesting.  He wore sweaters with silhouettes of people fishing on them.

He handsome, but sort of not.  We drank a lot and exchanged much comedic banter.

Of particular note, we had a date at a bar where speed dating was happening.  We had a prime spot to watch the festivities and snigger.  The first round was an older set.  Probably 35 and up.  It was rather meager, pickings were slim (but not literally) and a little sad.  Boy, was it super to be smug, and on an actual date, watching the have-a-date wanabees.  The second round was the younger crowd, which was much better attended.  I wish that I had written about this sooner so that I could have regaled myself with blogged tales of the amusement, but alas, it was probably about 10 months ago now.  I *can* remember that it was funny and awkward, so I should just try to hold on to that sentiment at least.


Eventually, there was some making out and then there was a night that I spent the night at his apartment, which the demise of any interest I had in him.  His apartment was a small, but potentially nice studio in SOMO.  Except that it looked like a homeless person lived there.  Seems paradoxical, no?  Yes.  There were piles of things everywhere, and not a stitch of furniture.  The bed was a twin mattress on the floor.  And not a real mattress.  The pseudo kind of mattress that you might have on the top bunk of your bed for 6 weeks in summer camp.
There was no way I could deal with his hobo aesthetic.

Aaand… we-e-ell… his make-out business was a little scary.  He was a big fan of the kind of kissing that involves forcible restraint against a wall.  Sort of hot for a second, but then, yeah.  Let me go.  Karate chop.

So I got rid of Herman.  But tra-la-la!  So many boys, I was happy to move on and non-obsess.

Another tale next time.

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