Paying the $40 monthly fees counts for something?

joined a new gym.  In January.  And I have not gone there once.  Not a single time.  I just can’t find a groove for it.  And really, I can’t even find the gumption to even want to find that groove.

My work clock-in time is usually around 8 am.  As early as 7:40, 7:45 most days.  If I get in early enough, then there are still usually enough tickets that I can grab a bunch to do.  If I don’t get this little morning collection, then maybe I find one or two tickets here and there throughout the day, and I probably do a sum total of 10.  And this is how I end up being yelled at for doing shit at my job.  Because I have done shit.  But if I come in early, grab 15, maybe 20 tickets, and then cobble together another 5 to 10 the rest of the day, then I can sneak under the radar as having accomplished a bit of something.

Point being, early morning has become earlier than it used to be and I’m just not sure I can fit in a work out and still get into the office at 7:45.

And after work?  I have SUCH good intentions for after work.  Really.  But it’s 3:52 pm right now.  All I want to do is close my eyes on the couch in my apartment and get under a blanket.  I don’t want to do anything right now.  Not socialize.  Not cook dinner.  I don’t even want to walk the 3/4th of a mile to the bus terminal to get home.  I just want complete and utter collapse.  Working out at the gym, as far as I can tell, is too far away from “complete and utter collapse” and consequently, I just don’t want to do it.

Those are my excuses about why I’m not going to the gym.  Because I’m stubborn and lazy and generally tired.  Sooooo…. so far, the new gym plan has not been working out so great.  Oh, Margaret.  What am I going to do with you?

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