this is why i don’t know how to transcend space and time

Last night I had a dream that I’ve actually remember and it amused me a lot, so I’m writing it down.

Chuck was working on invention.  It was a tube that you could pass things through to transcend space and time.
[And this makes who the bigger nerd?  Me for having a nerdy sci-fi dream that literally includes the phrase “transcend space and time” or Chuck for being the creator of such a device?]
The prototype of this device looked like the tube-y part of a feather duster, pictured here for your edification.  So Chuck is explaining this workings of his device to me and Jessica, at length, in great technical detail.  She and I are sitting together, side by side.  And Jessica, in her way is looking attentive and interested.  Who knows what I am looking like.  I do not have that way.

And then, without changing her demeanor in any way, Jessica nudged me with her elbow.  And I knew!  She had no idea what he was talking about either!  Possibly due to the huge impediment of not caring whatsoever.

I think maybe that it was really David who nudged me in the reality realm and that if he hadn’t have done so, maybe I would have learned how to transcend space and time.  Except who am I kidding.  I wasn’t paying attention anyway.

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