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I am having troubles putting down a little bit in writing.  Partially it feels like I’ve not got anything to say, but then I think about all the things that have happened and that seems crazy.  Or lazy.  Oopsy daisy.


So before I forget that these things have even happened, I’m just going to jot them down a little bit.  Maybe I’ll come back for more.  We’ll see.

I have another job interview tomorrow.  I’m not particularly optimistic about getting it, which also means that I’m not desperately wanting it.  I suppose I’m not also doing a super job of prepping for it, but scoff.  I am feeling a bit disdainful of all the work you’re “supposed” to do for a job interview and then they opt not to give you the damn job.

I got another nephew.  Leonard was born on April 10.  And while he might be called Leo, my brother chose to name his offspring Leonard and if that’s not proof that he needs a really good therapist, then there is no such thing as proof.
And then Leo had a thing with his bowel and he had to have surgery when he was 3 days old and there was a lot of unhappiness and worry about this, but it seems like he must be fine now.  I will go see him later when he’s less boring.

My very good friend Nina ran in the Big Sur marathon on Sunday, so the David and I went down to see her.  We stayed in a big old victorian mansion bed & breakfast and it was flowery^5 and cute and I liked it a lot.  It was a gorgeous sunny weekend, and a nice drive down, and the first weekend in months and months that I’d had the David at home, not in Tahoe, and not working all weekend.  Nina survived the marathon.  It was kind of a miracle.  To me anyway.

Lastly, peas are finally in season and I’m not eating another apple for 6 months.

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