I skipped an update at the start of April, largely because of lame complications related to some wild plan to use one of my credit cards to pay off David’s student loans.  He’d paid off a huge chunk to cover the pending charge, but then we ended up not being able to use the card to make the payment and la la la… for a period of time there my credit card balances were not “real” and so I didn’t want to record it.

But here is an update, which I find uninspiring and just, well, sigh.  It’s not 2K down from 2 months ago, but only $1299.70.  I did transfer the balance for one card, which had this crazy, frustrating 22.99% APR, so I was getting a finance charge of a few hundred dollars every month.  I think that doing away with that card was a good thing, but it did cost me about $400 more dollars on the new card for the privilege of making that transfer and that was a rather hefty setback.

David made me a spreadsheet that calculated my balances and interest rates and planned payments, which puts me at debt free as of December 2011.  That still seems awfully far away and the amount of debt still seems unreasonably huge.  Even getting under $10K isn’t scheduled until March of 2011 and gosh!  That’s a long way off.  But it’s not 10 years away.  And not even 5 years away.  I may be feeling a little up hill about it today, but still… I am totally the little engine that could.

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