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a beautiful mind

I came home from boot camp the other morning and my cute boy was bustling about in running shorts and the coffee table was pushed to the side of the room.

“Were you doing some kind of workout?” I asked him.

And he says, “I was practicing my dancing.”

David has recently decided that he would like to take up break dancing and got himself instructional video, which came with two free beanie hats.  Sometimes he wears those to get in the mood while he’s practicing his dancing.

He told me a little bit about what he’d worked on today and I said that I thought it was awfully early to be getting up for such things (we were having this conversation at 7 am.)

His response?  “I could wake up and think, ‘ho hum, it’s off to work for me’ or I could wake up and I can dance!”

This particular day did happen to be my birthday and I was already feeling a bit sobsome because of it, but I got a special welling when I heard that.  I get to be with a guy who actually feels those made-up emotions, like “joy” and “glee.”

It humbles me.

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