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Youthful Optimism

My boot camp teacher had a holiday party last night and because I like to be supportive of other people’s parties and because it was half a block away, The David and I stopped by for about an hour.

There were quite a few girls that I didn’t recognize at all, so when I did identify one as a cleaned up and regular clothes version of a fellow 6 am-er, we made a bee line.  Then, started up one of those conversations with her and her boyfriend that mostly involved a lot of me asking questions.  She’s doing Teach for America in an Oakland middle school and he’s working with San Francisco public policy.  They’re from Michigan and have been out of school for a year and a half.  And they have so many plans!  So many options!  Maybe they’ll stay in Oakland.  Maybe she’ll be a teacher.  Maybe she’ll go back to graduate school.  Maybe he’ll move to DC.  Maybe he’ll go into politics.  Maybe he’ll go back to school, too.

They were so excited about what might come next and so open to the possibilities.

And then there’s me and David.  10 years older than they.  Existing in varying degrees of job hate and apathy.  Not sure of what we’re doing next and not taking any steps to make a decision on the options.

I don’t think we’re doom and gloom miserable people.  The David’s really pretty peppy and I can be quirkily amusing.  But we have definitely lost those rose colored glasses.  I really don’t even think about not having them so much.  In fact, I’m not entirely sure that I’m sorry I lost those glasses.  They seem kinda tiring.

I’m going to take a nap now.  Wake me up in half an hour.  Maybe it will be time to apply for a new job then.

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Exercise exorcisim

I went a little overboard on the exercise this week and maybe now I need a life preserver thrown to me.

I ate a lot on Thanksgiving. A painfully lot.

There were a couple of social outings with friends and there was more eating.  And drinking.

And even though I did run a 10K (for the first time ever) on Thanksgiving morning, I only worked out one other time over the 4 day weekend.

So my weight was only down 0.2 pounds as my last weigh-in.  Which is fine.  I was glad not to have gone up a little bit, really.

But I got all motivated to make sure that the next week would be better, and ended up doing 8 workouts in the past 5 days.  Boot camp at 6 am every morning before work, two running workouts and 1 Body Pump class after work.

The plan also included a spinning class today and a long run, probably 5 or 6 miles, tomorrow.

I am exhausted.  My knee feels like a balloon full of jell-o.  I’ve been getting home in the evenings in a state of collapse.  Being a horrible crank pot because I’m just so tired.

And now I am fighting with myself.  I really should not work out today.  I could use a rest.  But I could just go to spin class.  It wouldn’t kill me.  I could just do it and it’d be done.

The fact that I’m having this fight in my head is proof that I have gotten crazy.  Or is it just proof that I’m making excuses to not go to spin class?


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