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end of an era

my last day at blurb is this friday.

in the tech world, people stick around for 18 months before moving on to the next big thing and the next bigger paycheck. but not me. i linger on. i fall in love with the people and the place, i wallow in being comfortable, and i just keep on being there.

but i’ve known that i should expand my experiences and portfolio and that san francisco in 2014 is the wrong place and time to plan for a lifetime with one company. so i put out feelers every once in a while, and the last feeler just took hold. i’m starting at a new job on the 7th.

even if i end up hating it, which i doubt, i feel confident that going through the process of change and exploration was the right thing to do. but it is hurting an awful lot to make the exit from this place and the people.

so long and thanks for all the photo booths.

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and also this happened

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work couples

I got to do a blog post for work this week that I really liked a lot, so I need to post some more about it here.

It’s photos of people who face one another during the work day. I picked out the couples that I knew were friends, or at least friendly. There’s something really special about having someone you like that you can make eye contact with. It makes the instant messaging so much more amusing.

Here’s an outtake of me and Brice:

I had so much fun doing this.

See them all here.

The last one is my favorite.


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blogging for grown-ups

The content director here asked me if I’d be interested in helping out with the Blurb blog and, of course, I’m all “More blogging!  Hoot!”

And then a few days later she’s specifically asking me if I can have a book of the week post ready to go in a few days time.

So, have at it!  Write a blog post!  I can do that.  Sort of.

It’s actually much harder to do for reals, but I’m sure it was good for me.

Funnily enough amongst the zillions of books from the past week, there was a book of official ALT photos and that’s the one I got to choose and write about.

photos of the mini-parties

So now I’m a real private blogger.  A blogger for money.  I’ll do what you want me to do.

Book of the Week:  ‘ALT Design Summit – 2012’


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If you like holiday gifts that make people cry…

I work at Blurb, a software and web company that provides the tools and platform for anyone to be able to make and design a beautiful coffee table style photo book.  Or text book, if you’re novel inclined (I’m looking at you NaNoWriMo people!)

This is not a sponsored post.  I mean, Blurb does pay me and all.  Cause I work here.  But they’re not sponsoring a blog post.


I’m not a Blurb pusher, but I do really like what we do and I would definitely recommend trying it out if you are photographically inclined.  I love the idea that you can get your photos off of your computer and into a book, without all of the hassle of putting together a traditional photo album.

We’re offering a friends and family discount through November 30, so I just wanted to post that for anyone to use if you’d like.  It’s good for 20% off 2 or more books if you enter FORFRIENDS during checkout.

Here’s an example of a book I made with the first year of photos of nephew #1.

And another that’s more of a portfolio style collection of photos.

And since there are so many people more clever and creative than me, there’s a bounty of inspiring books on the Blurb website.



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when you’re in new york

aren’t you supposed to feel brand new?

inspiring you and stuff?

cause you know…

And as much as a part of me wants to go spin around in a circle in Times Square, instead I crawled back to my hotel room, fell into the very nice white sheets, and put on Grey’s Anatomy.  Then I  took out my travel funnel and proceeded to pour the entire contents of my snack bar into my gullet.  You think I kid.  But seriously.  The only thing that’s left over there is some pretzels.

i’m here working in a trade show booth, telling people about my company’s wares and what’s new in the print-on-demand photo book world.  it’s great and fun and different, but it’s SO different from sitting on my rumpshaker and not-talking except for the telepathic communications i have with my computer, that i am rendered flopsome.

tomorrow then.  it’s new york.  there’s nothing i can’t do.    may the gods of rally find me after a 2nd day of trade show flooring…


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working for free

I just finished an eight month long branding and messaging project last night.  My team gave a presentation of all of the deliverables to the board; they gave us three cheers and some hearty handshakes, and off we went.  The client had already started using some of the messaging, even before this final sign-off from the board, so I feel pretty good about the reception of our work.

My team was comprised of two talented marketing visionaries, a copywriter, and me, the project manager.

We did market research on the organization’s competitors, we gathered existing data about the organization’s current branding – or lack thereof, and we spent a lot of time consulting with the client time to really nail down what it was they wanted and why.

Having this new and consistent branding means that client will be better able to leverage themselves for increased funding and will, generally, have greater visibility.

All pretty standard hum drum, really.  Except we were all working for free.

I volunteer for The Taproot Foundation, this amazing nonprofit that provides service grants to other outstanding nonprofits in need.  You can apply for a grant to improve your brand, like the project I just finished, or you can get a website redesign, or a strategic staff development plan, or any number of several other options.  Working with Taproot means that a nonprofit can get help with the kinds of essential strategy and work needed to be successful, without having the resources to complete that work themselves.

I used to volunteer to do things like stuffing envelopes or giving directions at events.  Always for a worthy cause, but the 3 hours of minimum wage level work donated felt unsatisfactory.  They weren’t getting a whole lot out of value out of me and I wasn’t really being fulfilled by the experience.

I started volunteering at Taproot 2 years ago as a way to bolster my resume, but now feel like it really is the best way to do volunteer work.  They run projects in SF, LA, NY, Chicago and Washington; if you’re local to one of those areas, I’d highly recommend that you check Taproot out.


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Youthful Optimism

My boot camp teacher had a holiday party last night and because I like to be supportive of other people’s parties and because it was half a block away, The David and I stopped by for about an hour.

There were quite a few girls that I didn’t recognize at all, so when I did identify one as a cleaned up and regular clothes version of a fellow 6 am-er, we made a bee line.  Then, started up one of those conversations with her and her boyfriend that mostly involved a lot of me asking questions.  She’s doing Teach for America in an Oakland middle school and he’s working with San Francisco public policy.  They’re from Michigan and have been out of school for a year and a half.  And they have so many plans!  So many options!  Maybe they’ll stay in Oakland.  Maybe she’ll be a teacher.  Maybe she’ll go back to graduate school.  Maybe he’ll move to DC.  Maybe he’ll go into politics.  Maybe he’ll go back to school, too.

They were so excited about what might come next and so open to the possibilities.

And then there’s me and David.  10 years older than they.  Existing in varying degrees of job hate and apathy.  Not sure of what we’re doing next and not taking any steps to make a decision on the options.

I don’t think we’re doom and gloom miserable people.  The David’s really pretty peppy and I can be quirkily amusing.  But we have definitely lost those rose colored glasses.  I really don’t even think about not having them so much.  In fact, I’m not entirely sure that I’m sorry I lost those glasses.  They seem kinda tiring.

I’m going to take a nap now.  Wake me up in half an hour.  Maybe it will be time to apply for a new job then.

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