a conversation

Chad:  Do you think you could try to do this?  (he demonstrates)

Me:  No.

Chad:  Ok.  I don’t want to pressure you.

Me:  Cool.

Chad:  How about just a little?

Me:  <grumble>

Chad:  Point your nose down!
Do it again!
Toe edge!

Me:  OOF.  <kersplat and tumble onto the ground>

Chad:  You have to listen to me!

Me:  <grumble>  roughly translates to “I hate you.”


Margaret Edith takes a snowboarding lesson.


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2 responses to “a conversation

    • Ha! No, my fellow is a David.
      Chad was a very pushy snowboard instructor who did not respect my big-fat-chicken-ness.
      I’m pretty sure that he is not as nice as your Chad at all.

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