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what i wore in 1986

I was a big nerd.  From the dawn of 1977 (dawn meaning September) until about 2 seconds ago.  I actually JUST got cool.  It’s awesome.

My nerdiness had many origins.

Like bad haircuts.

And my belief that I could get the big swooping wave out of your bangs if you just had bangs.  I didn’t know about curling irons or hairspray.

Strong desire to fit in, but secret worship of weirdness.

Not good at sports.  Played the cello instead.

General chubbiness…

Combined with not having the right clothes.

Mostly my mom bought my clothes.  And in her hippy, earth goddess sort of way, she didn’t give a rat’s ass about fashion.  Thus, I could rarely convince her to buy me the right clothes and instead, I had not-quite-right jeans and t-shirts that weren’t “oversized,” but too big.

So when 80’s fashion starts coming back, I can appreciate it.  Not because of my own closets of yore, but because of the girls of E. B. Aycock Junior High, who I stared at with a pitiful little cast of jealousy and admiration.

Lately, though, it seems like what’s coming back in style isn’t the cool stuff from back in the day, but the nerd bomber things I used to wear.

For example, if the cool stuff from the 80’s were coming back, we’d be seeing this:

Which is an acid washed mini jean skirt, a thing I desired greatly.  Instead, I had a skirt like this one below.  Chambray.

Guess which one you can now find for $98 at Madewell?  


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I ran a 5k race on the Fourth of July.  The same one as last year.

I feel a bit sorry for the lady who wrote that post.  She was so sad about doing that race.  And yeah, I’m still pretty hard on myself for being such a Slowbedon, but I definitely don’t feel quite as despondent as that post was anymore.

So the latest 5K?  It was still slow.  But you know what’s neat-o?  I completed the race in six minutes and 23 seconds faster than I did last year.  I finished this one in 32:04, which still hasn’t broken the magical 30 minute mark, but it’s a helluva lot closer than 38:33.

And you know what else?  In the year between that first 5k and this one, I have run 2 other 5ks, one 10k and a half marathon.

I still want to be faster, but with the perspective that a whole year can give, I can say that I have surely come a long way.


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I craft!

20110712-024205.jpgMy friend Nina had a wrap bracelet.  I coveted it.

Then I saw some lovely ones in a shop in Hawaii.  My coveting went up a notch.  But not $170 worth of covet.

Maggie Makes made one.

And I decided that I would do it.  Despite my utter lack of crafting experience or know-how.

I summoned the craftiest lady I know.  We went to a bead store and agonized over the weird selection of largely cat-lady flavored geegunk.  They didn’t have the little metal beads we wanted, so we settled on semi-precious stones.  Then, we read some instructions and just had at it.

And I’m totally pleased with the result!  I ordered some more beads online and I think I will make another one!


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