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clash of the brightens (pink and red)

What do we think of this?

I decided that wearing a pink cardigan and red jeans together at the same time was bonkers, yet awesome.

And then every time I caught sight of myself in a mirror, all I saw was bonkers.



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oh, the things they wore

I got back from ALT Summit in Salt Lake City on Saturday and I still feel like I need a week to lie very still, speaking to no one, not wearing any tights.

There are blog posts galore, spreadsheets and checklists, and even online classes to advise you on how to dress and what to wear at ALT. Because if you’re not wearing polka dots, stripes, and neon (preferably simultaneously) then you are bad blogger bad.
For the longest time, I tried to pretend that I didn’t care and I’d just wear what the heckles ever. But at the last minute, I spazzed and I lugged six pairs of shoes to Utah.
So, what I wore:

Day 1: Dinner with a sponsor – flowery embroidered skirt, orange tights, brown boots, a green sweater and a silver locket.
Day 2:  Sessions and whatnot – cat dress, cat cardigan, blue tights, brown boots, my Emily + Ross Un-Tourist scarf.
Day 2:  Clue-themed party – green ruche-y dress, green tights, green t-strap sandals, a big green necklace, and a vintage hat from Decades. Not yet adhered:  some ridiculous green-tipped fake eyelashes.


Day 3:  Sessions and whatnot –  tweedy pink pencil skirt, pink tights, vintage-style heels, a softball team t-shirt featuring a bat-holding fox, a green skinny belt, vintage-style cardigan, and a rhinestone necklace.
Day 3:  Mini-party hosted by Blurb – gold sequined mini-skirt, purple tights, cowboy Frye boots, oversized gray sweatshirt, a long copper disc necklace and a short star necklace.
Day 4:  Room service breakfast in bed, half a craft class, and travel – Levis, sneakers, a long-sleeved gray t-shirt, a striped v-neck shirt, and a burgundy infinity scarf.

Not pictured:  The workout clothes that I thought really hard about wearing…


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my favorite bit so far

today at alt summit, I was in a state of aimless wander when I saw a lady who was wearing the same scarf as me.

I hopped right over to her and said “HELLO!”

Then I sent her telepathic messages saying “We are wearing the same scarf!  Can you believe it?  What a wacky, fun coincidence!”

She looked at me and said her hello, but her eyeballs were saying “Do I know you?  I don’t think I know you.  But you are very boisterous.”

“We are wearing the same scarf!”

That’s my scarf,” she says.

“Your scarf?”

“Yes! I designed it!”

Oh, bowl me over.  This is the lady who made the scarf that I got on her kickstarter campaign and I love it so.  She is here and I am donning her design.

Screen Shot 2013-01-24 at 3.10.02 PM

Me and Emily McDowell wearing her Un-tourist Scarf

And that’s my favorite bit so far.


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cuffed jeans and stripey socks

In my mind, when I cuff my jeans, it’s slightly quirky and harkens to fashionable depression-era farm folk.

The stripey socks don’t harken to anything.  They’re just fun.

Remember the story of the two coats I couldn’t decide between?  The moral of that story is that I kept both and this is one.

Part of the vision includes the hip-less legs of a J.Crew model.  The reality involves what-the-heckles-ever.  Until such a time as it is appropriate to traipse around sans pants, it will not be like J.Crew catalog up in here.  But just you wait.  When the era of No Pants begins…

New watch from  I was having a long time covet of this Michael Kors tortoise shell watch and this feels like a very happy approximation for a quarter of the cost.

And then the rest of the outfit went kind gypsy.

coat – anthropologie
shoes – fluevog
socks – gap
peasant blouse – anthropologie
matchstick jeans – jcrew
vest – gap
watch – AND from
necklace – Andrea Valentini from

Photos taken by my spectacular friend and fasion blogger, Hazel.


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give me a year or five. i succumb to trends.

Skinny jeans came on the scene (again) in 2006.

First I chalked them up as absurd and heinous.

Then I disdained of them.

Then I wondered at their prevalence.

Then they seemed normal.

Then I shrugged them off as being only-for-skinny-people.

And then, five years later, I wanted some.

The first pair I tried on made me laugh out loud at myself in the dressing room.

But I tried on more, with varying degrees of distress.

And then I got these, two sizes larger than I would normally wear, from the Gap.

i sure love having my picture taken

So even though I’m a little sheepish about how long it took me to come around to this trend, I admit it:  I love them.

And the moral of this story is:  you can try to retain your own fashion aesthetic, but eventually, whatever it is that the tweens on The Disney Channel are wearing will eventually worm its way under your skin.  In the mean time, try to keep all that judgmental shunning to yourself.


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which coat?

I’ve had a mission to acquire a coat for the longest time.

As good as I am at buying other stuff, buying a coat seems to be a sticky wicket for me.  So many choices are just ho-hum sufficient.  Uninspiring.  And pretty much all of the choices are expensive, so whatever I might pick is a commitment.  A commitment to something that I would wear every day for months at a time!

Resulting in a coatless Maggie who makes do with one of the umpteen velvet blazer-jackets crammed into the closet.  Which are very pretty and velvety!  But yes, pretty much don’t fit, if you feel like buttoning them up in the front is a priority.  And a jacket with two layers stuffed underneath does not a coat make.

So the other day, I tried on some of the coats on the sale rack in Anthropologie.  Two of them fit.  And I liked them.  But oooh the commitment!  I couldn’t decide.  I bought both of them with the idea that The David would have something helpful that would lead to a decision and I could take one back.  But it was not to be.  He found them to both be generally favorable.

Thus, help me!  Which one?

Option #1
Pros:  fun fluffy (detachable) fur collar
good color – close up of the fabric below.  the darker bit is kind of a burgundy color.
Cons:  short sleeves – you can see the sleeves of my cardigan underneath.  but i’m not sure that this bothers me…20111207-083649.jpg

Option 2:
Pros:  longer and heavier
interesting shawl collar
velvet lined pockets!
Cons:  on the boringer side.

I am slightly leaning towards #2 because I think it’s more practical, but I kinda like the weirdness of #1 better…


(sorry about the crappy phone photos.  my fashion photographer was unavailable and my creative problem solving elf was working from home today.)

Monday, December 12
Both coats, which had already been on sale ($200 down from $300) went on further sale to $100 each.  Plus Anthro was having a 30% off discount on sale items.
Suffice it to say, I have been saved from having to make this gut wrenching decision and have kept both coats.


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wear your pyjamas to work day

There was some epic pooped-out-ness yesterday.

Then, I managed to stay up until after midnight watching Sister Wives, because I’m still on west coast time.  And then in a fit of good intention, I got up at 6:30 to go to the pilates mat class offered by the gym.

Suffice it to say, I’m a little tired.  Which is the perfect time to talk about wearing pyjamas and pretending they’re clothes.

This little nightie has mushrooms on it!

The hemline is long enough (just barely above the knee) to be unscandalous.  Paired with a belt, long cardigan and a chunky, wooden necklace, and I think it totally works.



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