give me a year or five. i succumb to trends.

Skinny jeans came on the scene (again) in 2006.

First I chalked them up as absurd and heinous.

Then I disdained of them.

Then I wondered at their prevalence.

Then they seemed normal.

Then I shrugged them off as being only-for-skinny-people.

And then, five years later, I wanted some.

The first pair I tried on made me laugh out loud at myself in the dressing room.

But I tried on more, with varying degrees of distress.

And then I got these, two sizes larger than I would normally wear, from the Gap.

i sure love having my picture taken

So even though I’m a little sheepish about how long it took me to come around to this trend, I admit it:  I love them.

And the moral of this story is:  you can try to retain your own fashion aesthetic, but eventually, whatever it is that the tweens on The Disney Channel are wearing will eventually worm its way under your skin.  In the mean time, try to keep all that judgmental shunning to yourself.


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7 responses to “give me a year or five. i succumb to trends.

  1. Grant

    So I saw John Waters (the director) give a talk about Christmas at the beginning of December. There were a few things he mentioned about fashion trends, which made me laugh.

    The first was that if you’re old enough to remember the fashion trend the first time around, then you’re too old to wear the trend when it comes back.

    The second was about skinny jeans. He thinks said that he thinks anyone over the age of 25, no wait 20 (his correction, not mine), should never wear skinny jeans.

    Just a thought. 😉

  2. Nicole

    You look fabulous and stylish. And as a side note, I wouldn’t take fashion advice from a man who’s donned a skeevy pencil moustache for the last 30 years.

  3. Despite what Grant says, you look adorable as usual. I am twice the age limit recommended by John Waters (who I love, btw), but I must admit to wearing skinny jeans. Like in those photos I put on the FB page in the shiny puffy gold jacket. How could you not wear skinny jeans with boots and a shiny puffy gold jacket? Even if you are 42 years old? Whatever. ❤

    • Grant

      I was just making a joke about it. 🙂 She does look good in them! But they don’t look ridiculously tight on her either, which can happen.

      • Not to worry – I read your original comment as just pointing out the coincidence of being bombarded with multiple discussions of skinny jeans at once.
        Thanks, though!
        And I heard a rumor that you were in SF?

      • Grant

        I was only in SF for a day. Once on the way to SF, and then when we came back through we were in Santa Cruz. We tried to come to SF for a day or two in that few days we had, but it seemed a lot of people were busy and didn’t have time. We tried to find something going on in the city for NYE, but everyone seemed busy, and we couldn’t score an invite to any parties, so we just ended up in Santa Cruz.

      • Grant

        I meant on the way to Alaska. Crap. We had one night on the way to Alaska for Christmas.

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