what’s a solo, but not single, girl to do?

My valentine is going to be in Argentina this year.  Without me.  That is not a location I anticipate being in on February 14.

After too many years of sad, sad singleton-ness in my days of yore, I like a little Valentine’s hoopty.  Not a lot.  But a nod of gratitude to having, when I am well familiar with the wallowing of have not.

I fear that I might succumb to a small amount of irrational wallowing next Tuesday, despite actually *having* a Valentine, so I’ve cultivated a plan to celebrate solo.

1.  I’m going to light candles around a framed portrait of The David, drink a bottle of wine, and sing Muffin Top.

Just kidding.

1.  Hour long massage and foot reflexology treatment.

2.  St Agur cheese.

3.  Pyjama pants and television programming intended for females aged 18 to 24.

I’m pretty sure that is going to feel like some really good hoopty to me.

Getting a massage pretty much trumps anything, but going to see The Vow by myself with a popcorn companion was a close alternative.

Anything tempting on your agenda?



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6 responses to “what’s a solo, but not single, girl to do?

  1. It sucks that you will be without The David this Valentines but I will swap the masage and St Agur for my Mr T…please? *flutters eyelashes* No? Aww such a spoil-sport Maggie, really!

  2. I may attend a flat class (I really should know how to change a flat on my bike, considering how much I’m on the thing) at my local Trek store on Valentine’s Day. So romantic. Your hoopty sounds good, although I don’t willingly let strangers touch me. But I understand that others like it. The cheese, however, I would let touch me. Sorry you will be David-less. You can always text me.

  3. Grant

    Not being with your partner on V-day really sucks, but it’s nice that you’re actually not single on the day. I think you should find some other solo friends on V-day and go out and party with them! Although your plans seem quite amazing. Although, for me, if I were going to be alone on the day, I’d probably not want to be actually alone. It’s too easy to think and stew about being alone, instead of surrounding myself with fun and exciting people.

    The year I got dumped on Feb 12, (yes, talk about SUCK, although now I’m with Tom in London, so yay) I definitely wasn’t at home thinking about it, I was at a friend’s trying to keep my mind off things. Not quite the same, but the thought is still there.

  4. that sounds fabulous! i might be jealous.

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