cuffed jeans and stripey socks

In my mind, when I cuff my jeans, it’s slightly quirky and harkens to fashionable depression-era farm folk.

The stripey socks don’t harken to anything.  They’re just fun.

Remember the story of the two coats I couldn’t decide between?  The moral of that story is that I kept both and this is one.

Part of the vision includes the hip-less legs of a J.Crew model.  The reality involves what-the-heckles-ever.  Until such a time as it is appropriate to traipse around sans pants, it will not be like J.Crew catalog up in here.  But just you wait.  When the era of No Pants begins…

New watch from  I was having a long time covet of this Michael Kors tortoise shell watch and this feels like a very happy approximation for a quarter of the cost.

And then the rest of the outfit went kind gypsy.

coat – anthropologie
shoes – fluevog
socks – gap
peasant blouse – anthropologie
matchstick jeans – jcrew
vest – gap
watch – AND from
necklace – Andrea Valentini from

Photos taken by my spectacular friend and fasion blogger, Hazel.


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4 responses to “cuffed jeans and stripey socks

  1. Those shoes are so cute!

  2. You are so cute. Somehow I knew you’d keep both coats. I think that was my recommendation. It’s what I would have done, even though we only get one day down here to wear coats. On said day I must wear all 27 of my coats. Also, when we go to Lexington for the holidays I must figure out how to pack at least half a dozen. It’s a problem to love coats and live in Florida.

  3. I have those Fluevog shoes, but mine are red. I love them so much, but I don’t find them to be very comfortable. I’ma try them with socks and see if that helps!

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