Prego! (not pregnant)

I went to Italy!

Too many days have passed since I got back (on Sunday) and I’ve been swept away in a sea of the things I need to catch up on at work. But before it all fizzles away completely…

After spending 3 days in England with The David’s family, we flew to Rome and then spent 9 days visiting Venice, Florence and various spots in Tuscany.

This is the view, with moon, from the balcony in our Roman hotel room.


This is some food that I ate at some point. Totally not indicative of the quantities of past and gelato I ate.


We took a tour of the Vatican and of all the things I didn’t take a picture of, here’s a picture of an old map with a Sabatini lake. (Sabatini is my mom’s maiden name.)


St Paul’s cathedral.


Seated at a table right next to the guy making pizzas.


Costumed Venetian boat people.



Venice from on high.


Venetian cat, who would not respond to my “psss psss” noises. I had to say it in Italian.


We did not do a gondola ride, but they sure were neat to look at. I think Venice was my favorite. So pretty and charming.


David, being pretty and charming.


Our hotel room in Florence had an adorable little balcony and green glass windows.


Florence’s cathedral, the Duomo. We did not go see the actual The David in Florence, but we did see several of the reproductions. He (the statue) was impressively big, but his willy was concerningly small.



The view of Florence.


More hotel room views, this time from Siena.



We spent our last day having a picnic in the woods on Mount Amiato. It was like a fairytale forrest.



From the top of Amiato.






On the road in Tuscany.



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4 responses to “Prego! (not pregnant)

  1. I soooo thought this was a different kind of prego and scrolled furiously past all your pics for the details.

  2. I enjoyed all your Instagrams in real time. I was very jealous of your adventure. Now we get to have our own adventure.

  3. angelika05

    Oh wow. I’m jealous!

    And you know what’s snobbier than a cat? An Italian cat. And how do you get a cat’s attention in Italian? Just so I know for future reference.

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