how to stop being on vacation

I’ve been back from Italy for a week now, but am still desperately clinging to some vacation-y habits.

You know what’s more awesome than not-running?

Big fat nothing, that’s what.  Vacation told me so.

After 2 whole weeks of no running, including 3 entire weekends of no long-runs, I’m super struggling to get back on it.

I’ve got another half marathon in just 3 weeks; I really needed to try and push out something this weekend.  But instead, I decided that the suck was too daunting to bear and I burrowed into bed with my latest young adult fiction overdose and provided cushioning for cats.

And while I haven’t been eating hazelnut gelato every day, I have largely been subsisting on pizza, popcorn and KIND bars.

I got on the scale a few days after I got home and had only gained 2.2 pounds, which I really didn’t feel that angsty about.  I should have been in a great position to just get myself back into my regular habits.  But I reasoned that jet lag was important to get over and that I should just let myself sleep in the morning.  Which I did, until about 4 am, a time that would leave me ample time to get to the gym by the time it opens at 5…. except I was real busy getting over jet lag.  So, um.  I didn’t do that.

And since The David is still in the UK, waiting for his passport to be returned to him after getting his Visa extension, I’m struggling with food prep for one.  It really is so much easier to plan and prepare meals for both us.  When it’s just me, I can’t be bothered and just want to find the quickest, easiest way to not be hungry.  And not one of the takeout places near me offers up an awesome side roast broccoli.

So, whine whine.  Excuse excuse.

I got up this morning and I went for a run.  In my mind, it was going to be 6 miles. It ended up being 4.

Which is about 3.75 more miles than I wanted to do.

But I did it and that’s a start.  I’ll do it again tomorrow.  And the day after that.  (The day after that, I’m going to FitBloggin – which is a whole other story to ponder).  And all of that adds up to the start of just making it a habit.  A horrible, fugly habit.  But if I get through a week or two consistently, then it goes into autopilot zombie mode.

Which is totally my goal:  full on zombie.




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2 responses to “how to stop being on vacation

  1. Ugh, starting up again after vacation is the worst. Good job on the 4 miles. See you the day after tomorrow. Surreal.

  2. Donna Karlan

    There’s nothing that equates with re-starting a good habit…ugh! Good for you!

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