when you’re in new york

aren’t you supposed to feel brand new?

inspiring you and stuff?

cause you know…

And as much as a part of me wants to go spin around in a circle in Times Square, instead I crawled back to my hotel room, fell into the very nice white sheets, and put on Grey’s Anatomy.  Then I  took out my travel funnel and proceeded to pour the entire contents of my snack bar into my gullet.  You think I kid.  But seriously.  The only thing that’s left over there is some pretzels.

i’m here working in a trade show booth, telling people about my company’s wares and what’s new in the print-on-demand photo book world.  it’s great and fun and different, but it’s SO different from sitting on my rumpshaker and not-talking except for the telepathic communications i have with my computer, that i am rendered flopsome.

tomorrow then.  it’s new york.  there’s nothing i can’t do.    may the gods of rally find me after a 2nd day of trade show flooring…


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5 responses to “when you’re in new york

  1. Grant

    Oooh. Go shopping! Even if you don’t buy anything, there are magnificent stores in NYC!

    I would suggest trying to get cheap tickets to a show as well, but it can be difficult when you have to be at a trade show all day.

    Try to have a good time. NYC is one of my favorite places to visit. (I hope you take note, that I’ve been living in London for over a year now, and I still refuse to take on British spellings. Well and pronunciations. So many people make fun of the way I say herb. Clearly they know what I’m saying, so I don’t NEED to say the H.)

    • I know! I suck. So ashamed that with all the amazing food that I ate snickers and cheese crackers! Lame.
      But am seeing a friend from college tonight, so I won’t be allowed to just go hiding out at the hotel however much I might feel like it.

      • Grant

        Awesome! There’s a great Mexican/French place (weird combo I know) in the East Village (I think) called Cafe Itzocan. Highly recommend it! Tom and I have been there twice now.

        Have fun!

  2. You are, or were, on the east coast! I feel like we were closer! Even though still a thousand miles away!

    • I know! Isn’t it funny how it feels good just knowing that you’re closer, even if you’re still too far away? Still here til Tuesday and after tomorrow, I’ll be in NJ… so EVEN closer!

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